Online Writing

Little Red King

Excerpts from my forthcoming novel, Little Red King:

Jack at McDonald’s

Keep It Simple and Stupid

The Outdoors Poetry Exercise

Lost Laowai

I started writing for Lost Laowai in July, 2010. You’ll find fiction and nonfiction, including the entire 7 Year Laowai series. Here are links to all the articles I’ve written so far, except the Little Red King excerpts, starting with the oldest:

The Wedding

There and Back

A Riverside Meeting

The 7-Year Laowai: Part 1 – Introduction

The 7-year Laowai: Part 2 – Wei Wei

The 7-Year Laowai: Part 3 – Family & Regrets

The 7-Year Laowai: Part 4 – Contract Renewal

The 7-Year Laowai: Part 5 – Lego Blocks

The 7-Year Laowai: Part 6 – Concentration Camp

The 7-Year Laowai: Part 7 – Safety

The 7-Year Laowai: Part 8 – The Graveyard of All Ambition

Love, with Chinese characteristics (a conversation)

The goodbye (but not farewell) China post

The China-Wide-Web

让我 rap

A few signs your MA in TESOL program is a bad choice

Love Love China

Crystal Tao’s website about Chinese girls.

Love Through Actions

East Lake Pear Garden


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