The Journey through Nanking

The Journey through Nanking

“Mama! Mama!”
Among gunfire. The smell of death.

It is December, 1937. The Chinese capital is a bombed wreck. A young girl has become separated from her family, and with the help of her spirit-guide, she must find her way through the warzone. Set against her are the Japanese soldiers, and a far greater horror who stalks her through the wastes.

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Grandpa & Henry

A coming of age story.

During his short life, all Henry has known is Grandpa. He goes with Grandpa to the park, listens to his stories, cooks him dinner, and buys his medicine from the drugstore, awaiting the day Grandpa finishes his new novel so they can finally move to a ranch in Alaska together.

But when Grandpa falls ill, he sends Henry across the country, to seek help from his Aunt June. Once Henry arrives at his destination, he finds a himself all alone in a strange city, on his own for the first time in his life…

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